Residency 35
Adriana Borriello


Villa Manin, Residency Space
13 – 27 May 2024
Atemporal - studies for a sextet

Residency Team
Adriana Borriello, choreographer and dancer
Erica BraviniMichele ErminiMichael IncarboneIlenia RomanoDonatella Morrone, dancers
Edoardo Maria Bellucci, movement amplification system

Atemporal - studies for a sextet is a research project developed by choreographer and dancer Adriana Borriello that aims to explore in Dialoghi the relationship between sound and movement, between music and dance, between writing and instantaneous composition, between the layers and forms of time: linear, cyclic, relative.
The work process is conceived in the form of an itinerary: a series of intensive, progressive, related but unique research stages. Each stage creates a ‘performative object’ that around the same question begins again, insists, distils and proceeds, involving a variable number of performers.

Adriana Borriello, dancer, choreographer and pedagogue, graduated from the National Academy of Dance in Rome and Béjart's Mudra in Brussels. She participated in the foundation of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's Rosas company. In 1986, she formed her own company in Paris, which she then transferred to Italy. Her performances, the result of international co-productions, are received in the most prestigious Italian and foreign festivals and theatres. Since the 1980s, she has collaborated with important institutions in Italy and abroad and has realised training projects that she conceived and directed. Since 2018 she has been designing and directing Da.Re. Dance Research - Dynamic systems for transmission and research in contemporary performing arts, an advanced training and research course funded by MiC. In 2022 she won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Choreography of the 3rd edition of the International Prize Ivo Chiesa, National Theatre of Genoa.

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