Residency 30
Carolina Balucani


Villa Manin, Residency Space
15 – 29 March 2024
The actor, beyond the character

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Residency Team
Carolina Balucani, dramaturg
Vincenzo Crea, actor
Maria Roveran, actress
Dajana Roncione, actress
Andrea Palma, actor
Fabrizio Arcuri, tutor

Residency open to the public
Meeting with Carolina Balucani and short readings
20 March 2024 at 18:00
Villa Manin, Residency Space
free admission with reservation recommended at residenzevillamanin@cssudine.it

I see the Character as a figure, that is, a set of circumstances towards which the actor moves.
It is as if on stage we see an actor walking through space / THE GA that distances him from a figure.
One can write the language of a figure, but to have the life of that figure on stage, it is necessary for this language to meet that of the actor. Translated into other terms: I think that the writing of a play must necessarily register the gap we have just described between that actor and that figure.
In the gap between that actor and that figure, we can imagine a furrow, a path, that the actor writes through his psychophysical movement towards the figure. I believe that the true words of a text are only discovered along that furrow, where the actor, having encountered the language of the text, makes it his own and in so doing transforms it, renames it, ruins it, or uses it in order to live.
This is so that it is not only the actor's ‘last word’, but every word of the text.
With the improvisations we will do during the residency, we will leave the actor free to take possession of the written text and make it his own.
The actor is only authentic if he writes on stage everything he needs to live, that is, to walk that furrow. Impossible then that the encounter of the text with the humanity of each individual actor does not also entail an encounter between the two scripts, the one lying on paper and waiting to live, and the one being staged and brought to life on stage.
Our residency will serve to bring my text entitled Asleep together with the stage writing of the actors in order to discover deep down what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg of the words written so far.

Carolina Balucani

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