Dialoghi_Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin 2022-2024

2022-2024 a new three-year project led by CSS for Dialoghi / Performing Arts Residencies at Villa ManinDiaolghi-Slide-1998x1080-2022 AGG residenze artistiche.jpg


Since 2015, CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG has developed and organised the project Dialoghi / Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin, thanks to the support of MiC – Ministero della cultura, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia GiuliaFondazione Friuli, Residenze Artistiche, in collaboration with ERPAC – Ente Regionale Patrimonio Culturale.

Over the 8 years that we have run the project Dialoghi / Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin we have had the opportunity to experience the unique and vital contribution of the cultural intervention of the Residences. They have offered an incredibly valuable opportunity to bring together temporary artistic communities and give them a chance to seek and produce artistic works with energies that are not conditioned by rigid production processes.

After the first three years of work at Villa Manin, the project Dialoghi has progressively gained a national and international reputation becoming a point of reference and a highly coveted experience for artists and artistic groups working in Italy and Europe.

We believe the Residences are places for experimentation that bring together, bring out, condense and consolidate social energies that are found in the many contexts in Italy and offer fundamental opportunities for the internationalisation of processes.
They are spaces that are alive and fluid, where it is possible to mingle, reference, and test languages, skills and formats, where people and artists cross paths and exchange practices, with a powerfully regenerative effect.

As such, the Residences become a force for innovation and qualification of the live entertainment system, through a process of accompanying the practices and processes of artistic creation. This approach to residencies may develop trajectories of thought and creativity, intercept physical, mental and social interferences, inhabiting a place and bringing with them a powerful sense of community.
Furthermore, in the post-pandemic period, we believe in the power of propulsion that the Residences can offer in order to contribute to the resumption of artistic activities with a more equitable and sustainable approach, and the relationships that they will once again be able to encourage across different locations, with their power to transform places.

In the development of the new three-year plan for 2022/2024 for the project Dialoghi we are again looking to involve a new generation of artists, with attention to local artists as well as those from around Europe: we will offer them all our care and support through every phase of the Residence.
We will also host artists and companies with greater experience and national and international recognition who also recognise the residences as a space for concentration and free artistic action provided by the working environment of Villa Manin.
To make this possible we will set out an open call for emerging artists from FVG and Europe, We will select self-nominations from artists that we think the time has come to approach, and organise scouting and kick start events for companies that are yet to be discovered, including invitations to more established artists or those we have already worked with to give them free rein in their planning, the only constraint that it is consistent with the guidelines and the spirit of Dialoghi.

The choices of the three-year plan are deliberately directed at companies and groups of performers who are open to dialogue between the arts and multidisciplinary languages, grafting their processes onto an open relationship and a conversation between artists and the local area, between different cultures, and between different arts and forms of expression.

Each artist or artistic team will be supported by tutors from the artistic team at CSS who will monitor and support each phase of the Residence, before it starts, and during and after its development.
More specific forms of mentoring will be provided with more specific professional skills, according to the needs of the companies and artists. These professionals will support various aspects of the projects in the residences with their specific skills and proven experience.

The artistic projects will focus on the development of start ups for a new creative direction, or may add new aspects to a creative process that was already in progress, or may provide an opportunity to test and deepen an artistic work.

As always, at the end or during the residency, there will be moments where the Residency is open to the public, with creative workshops, meetings and events with experts, critics and other artists (thanks to the new project Dialoghi Open Lab and La Scuola dello sguardo), continuing the work undertaken in the previous 7 years, which has made Dialoghi - Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin a meeting point for performing arts for artists, critics, professionals and the public, as part of a network of Italian and European artistic residencies.