Residency 34
Marta Bevilacqua | Arearea


Villa Manin, Residency Space
2 – 11 May 2024
27 – 31 May 2024
Towards Oz

Residency Team
Marta Bevilacqua, choreographer
Valentina Saggin, dancer and choreography assistant
Angelica MargheritaIrene FerraraRadu MurarasuAndrea Rizzo, Valentina SagginGiuseppe Zagaria, dancers
Leo Virgili, sound design
Stefano Bragagnolo
, technician

Residency open to the public
in collaboration with T3rza Terra
Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte at Villa Manin
29 May 2024 at 18:00
Park of Villa Manin

Towards Oz is the title of the project developed at Dialoghi by the Udine-based contemporary dance company Arearea. During the Residency period, the choreographic research is inspired by the reading of a timeless classic, The Wizard of Oz, and then focuses on the relationship that bodies have with natural light and how their motor score changes as environmental conditions vary.

"During the Residency at Dialoghi I will work on the theme of light.
I am interested in investigating the relationship bodies have with natural light and how their motor score changes as this environmental aspect changes, from morning light to sunset.
With the six dancers in the team we will read the Wizard of Oz and let ourselves be permeated by that famous story of courage and friendship in search of what we lack.
When they meet in the land of the Wizard of Oz, everyone is missing something: Dorothy cannot return home, the tin man has no heart, the lion needs courage and the scarecrow, who tells us about their adventures, has no brain. Intimidated by the power of Oz and the witches, they will find in themselves what they were looking for elsewhere.
We will therefore try to take a fresh look at a timeless classic in which the praise of difference and daring vibrates".
Marta Bevilacqua

Arearea is the company founded in 1993 by choreographer and dancer Roberto Cocconi. The Company is currently led by a stable core: Roberto Cocconi, Marta Bevilacqua, Luca Zampar, Valentina Saggin and Anna Savanelli. Dynamism, irony, theatricality make the Arearea Company a reference nucleus of urban dance in Italy. Arearea's poetic signature lies in the questioning of the usual logics of using the stage and the square. Dance, for the Udine-based group, is joy and playfulness in symbiosis with the ground and, preferably, live music."

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