Residency 29
Annamaria Ajmone


Villa Manin, Residency Space
2 – 16 March 2024
Fossil fish

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Residency Team
Annamaria Ajmone, choreographer and dancer
Natália Trejbalová, visual artist, scenographer
Veza Fernandez aka VEZA, perfomer
Stella Succi, art historian, researcher and dramaturgy assistant

Residency open to the public for a limited number of persons
14 March 2024 at 16:00
Villa Manin, Residency Space

The chemical interface represents the meeting zone between two substances, not just an imaginary boundary but a material reality. This concept challenges our perception of matter, opening us up to the possibility of being changed by it.
As witnesses to the past and the future, fossils offer a unique perspective on life and the transformations of matter over the millennia.

In her research, Annamaria Ajmone, choreographer and dancer, studies the surface of the body and the phonatory apparatus, trying to understand how these interfaces influence our relationship with space and with others. In particular, she questions the voice's ability to communicate information and the dissolution of the distinction between organic and inorganic.
The work will focus on study and theoretical research: together with Stella Succi, art historian and researcher, the main theoretical, textual, iconographic and sound references from which the work will begin to develop will be identified: choreography, scene, sound. Natália Trejbalovà, visual artist, will devote herself to iconographic research. Veza Fernandez, aka VEZA, has for years been conducting research into the relationship between dance and voice. The exchange between Annamaria Ajmone and Veza Fernandez will build the choreographic and musical scheme.

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