Residency 33
Accompany ME | Elena Damasio e Monika Neverauskaite


Villa Manin, Residency Space
15 – 29 April 2024
À Mesure – Handle with care

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Residency Team
Elena Damasio circus artist
Monika Neverauskaite circus artist
Marie Vela, tutor and circus artist
Clémentine Dilé
, tutor and dramaturg

Residency open to the public
Circus-theatre performance with Cyr wheel
27 April 2024 at 18:00
Codroipo, Ottagono, via Marinelli 6
free admission  

À Mesure - Handle with care is a project by the circus company Accompany ME, composed and founded by the emerging artists Elena Damasio and Monika Neverauskaite, both of whom trained in the Netherlands in the practice of the Cyr wheel, an acrobatic device recently popular in contemporary circus.
The research À Mesure - Handle with care is inspired by the English word pace, which indicates rhythm, pace, cadence. A word that recalls, like the name of the duo, the sharing of the journey with another person and the celebration of Love in its many forms, themes at the centre of the artistic investigation with the Cyr wheel developed in Dialoghi.
The research path is supported in the residency by the collaboration of the tutors Marie Vela and Clémentine Dilé, two artists who take care of the dramaturgical aspect of the project, taking part in the writing and offering an outside view of the movements.

Elena Damasio is a circus artist from Asti and specialises in the Cyr wheel. A graduate of the Cirko Vertigo School in Turin, she holds a Bachelor's degree from Codarts, University for the Arts in Rotterdam. She debuted with MOI-RA-I, her first show as an author created together with her collective Trenina. In France, she worked with the company ScoM in the show Trait(S). She is currently teaching Cyr wheel at ESACTO'LIDO, the University of Circus Arts in Toulouse.
Monika Neverauskaite is a contemporary circus artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. She attended the Norwegian Traditional Dance School at the Manger Folkehøgskule in Norway and the Danish Performers House School of Performing Arts in Silkeborg. She graduated from Codarts and completed her studies at the Lido School in Toulouse, France. She collaborates with Marlène Rubinelli Giordano and the company Le Grand Raymond. She is currently teaching Cyr wheel at ESACTO'LIDO, the University of Circus Arts in Toulouse.
Marie Vela after two years of training at the Piste d'Azur (PACA), she continues her circus training in the Netherlands, at the ACAPA school in Tilburg, training on the trapeze. She develops his research at the Lido School in Toulouse. In 2020, she debuts the first show of her company Azurkam and in 2023 she starts touring with her new show Parlons.
Clémentine Dilé, born and raised in France, studied theatre in Strasbourg and trained at the Colmar Conservatory. She studied acting and directing and worked alongside Louise Bentkowski in Natura morta in un fosso. She holds a master's degree in dramatic writing and theatre creation from the University of Toulouse. In 2021, she worked as assistant director for Alejandra Flichmann's La Tangente du temps and started working with Raoul Lambert's company for Désenfumage 3.

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