Residency 7
Federico Bellini / Ksenija Martinovic


Villa Manin, Spazio Residenze
3 - 12 October 2022
19 - 23 December 2022

The project is a collaboration between participants at the Artists' Residency Holders in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region 2022: ARTEFICI. ResidenzeCreativeFVG/ArtistiAssociati, Dialoghi_Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin/CSS, and Vettori/La Contrada Teatro stabile di Trieste

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Residency Team
Federico Bellini, dramaturg
Ksenija Martinovic, actress, author and director
Ivana Abramovic, scientific consultant
Fabrizia Maggi,  tutor
Residency open to the public
12 October 2022 at 6 pm
Villa Manin, Spazio Residenze
free admission, reservation recommended, please email

The Tesla project was born from the desire to investigate one of the most enigmatic figures of the twentieth century: the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, in a project that combines the earliest steps of documentation and dramaturgical investigation with performative creation. A dramaturg and a performer meet again at the Residency at Villa Manin, taking the first steps together in an artistic investigation of the famous inventor. The starting text is Nikola Tesla's autobiography "My Inventions", moving on to an analysis of his correspondence and the translation of unpublished documents in Serbian, comparing them with the material in the archive of the "Nikola Tesla" museum in Belgrade. Ksenija Martinovic has a strong emotional and personal connection with this noted scientist.

"I spent my childhood in the Tesla museum with my best friend Ivana Abramovic," says the actress, "her mother, Marija Sesic, director of the museum, used to tell us all about Tesla's inventions. My uncle was the sculptor Nikola Koka Jankovic, and I spent hours in his studio as he created one of the most significant Tesla statues, that now stands in Niagara Falls."

Federico Bellini is a well-known Italian dramaturg. In 2002 his meeting with the director Antonio Latella led to a fruitful partnership that resulted in him working as a playwright for a large number of shows in Italy and Europe. From 2017 to 2020 he was playwright and assistant to the Artistic Director of the Biennale di Venezia Teatro.

Ksenija Martinovic is an actress, performer and author from Belgrade who has lived in Italy for almost 20 years. She trained as a dancer and actress at the Accademia Nazionale D'Arte Drammatica Silvio D'Amico and at the Civica Accademia D'Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe. Alongside her work as an actress, she has pursued her own creative journey, fuelled by her deep bond between her homeland and Europe.

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