Residency 17 - Francesco Collavino


Residency 17
7-16 September / 6-15 October 2017

Saturday 14th October 2017, 7:00 pm
Residency open to the public
Villa Manin di Passariano, Spazio Residenze
Maximum 50 spectators
(free entry, booking required, tel +39 0432 504765)

testata collavino.jpg

Francesco Collavino
concept and performance by Francesco Collavino
visual interaction designer Andrea Effe Rao
thanks to Michele Taglialegne
DJ Giulia Tosi

The perfection of being is meaningless when it is compared to the change brought about by crisis. Crises are the true contemporary asset”.

The project for this new Residency highlights the concept of Catastrophe as an event that causes a deviation in a process of translation.
In the process of transliterating information from one media to another, no matter how carefully it is programmed, deviations can still emerge. These are unintentional and their existence doesn’t refer to anything at all, they are simply traces of a process that has been diverted from its intended course.
This event is called a glitch.
A glitch is an error, a loss, a wrinkle in an on-going process.
It is the point of contact which collects the flow of information, it is the genesis of a new life, catastrophe.

Francesco Collavino is a visual artist, performer, and choreographer.
In 2011 he completed the Diplôme d’Etudes Chorégraphiques at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance. The following year he founded his first dance company, Ba.Bau.Corp.
In 2017, Collavino was selected as resident choreographer at Workspace Ricerca X, Lavanderie a Vapore in Turin to develop the Catastrofe project. He was also supported by KOMM TANZ Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni and invited by CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG to participate in the performing arts residencies Dialoghi –  in Villa Manin.