Areanuda / Dialogue in dance and music between the Compagnia Arearea and La Scimmia Nuda

28 August 2016, 7:30 pm
Villa Manin di Passariano, Spazio Residenze
AREANUDA Dialogues in dance and music
between the Compagnia Arearea and La Scimmia Nuda
free admission

Marta Bevilacqua
Roberto Cocconi
Valentina Saggin
Anna Savanelli
Luca Zampar

Federico Missio: saxophones
Francesco Bertolini: guitar
Francesco De Luisa: piano and synth
Raffaello Gnesutta: electric bass
Alessandro Mansutti: drums

choreography: Compagnia Arearea
music: Federico Missio, Francesco Bertolini, Francesco De Luisa

 is a performance of dance and music born from the artistic encounter between the Compagnia Arearea and La Scimmia Nuda collective. Areanuda is a powerful, magical and evocative journey, with broad scope for improvisation. This allows for the interaction and intermingling between the language of the body and music, creating beautiful and engaging emotional panoramas that follow one another seamlessly, reverberating in the viewers, animating, seducing and overwhelming them. Areanuda is an area laid bare, an authentic, spontaneous area that dwells in human beings even if it is at times hidden and repressed; it is an area of emotion and creativity calling out to be freed. At the same time Areanuda is a physical space, a real and imagined meeting point, the stage where this spell is cast. It is embodied by ten souls: five dancers and five musicians. Areanuda is the fruit of the experience, exploration and talent of those souls, and their many years of study. It is the coming together of the area laid bare of each one of them.