Residency 14 - Rima Najdi


Residency 14
Think much. Cry much
6-11 April 2017_ part one
21-25 July 2017_ part two
Villa Manin, Spazio Residenze

Sunday 23rd June, 9:00 pm
Residency open to the public_part one
Villa Manin in Passariano
Think much. Cry much
Maximum 50 spectators
(free entry, booking required, tel +39 0432 504765)

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Think much. Cry much
concept and realization Rima Najdi
dramaturgy Nadine Vollmer
music and sound design Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander 
graphic design Maria Kassab

Artistic residency shared between Dialoghi / Residencies for Performing Arts at Villa Manin and Centrale Fies in collaboration with Spielart Festival (DE), Saal Biennale (EE), Bunker (SL), and Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival (FI) 

Realised in the framework of Urban Heat project which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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Rima Najdi
is a Lebanese-born, Berlin-based performance artist working across performance, video and installation. Her work occupies and (re) negotiates in-between spaces: between the self and other, reality and fiction, physicality and emotion.
Najdi has described herself as speaking “French in an Arabic accent, English in a French accent and Arabic in a Lebanese accent.” In her works she grapples with the ways in which identity is constructed and perceived, focusing on the lived experience of the body. She is interested in the vulnerability of the body in relation to the highly politicized tropes of gender, safety, mobility and representation. In action or as artefact, her art questions stereotypes, the failure of language and both real and imagined borders.

Think much. Cry much is a participatory sound performance that invites the audience to a choreography about borders, maps and recent European migrant regulations, and questions their production of a body: What is that body? How it moves? 

“After two months of research on borders, maps and migrant stories, that included Berlin, Helsinki, Munich, Maribor, Dro and Udine, I spent my time writing, recording thinking and socializing, elaborating on what will become the performance. The final production was undertaken in Berlin. And now in Villa Manin we will test the performance with you”.
Rima Najdi 

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T. +39 0432 504765
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