Residency 16 - Sotterraneo


Residency 16
11- 30 July 2017

Friday 28th July 2017, 7:00 pm
Residency open to the public
Villa Manin di Passariano, Spazio Residenze
Maximum 50 spectators
(free entry, booking required, tel +39 0432 504765)

testata sotterraneo.JPG

residency with Sara Bonaventura, Daniele Villa, Claudio Cirri, Lorenza Guerrini, Daniele Pennati, Giulio Santolini
writing Daniele Villa
lighting design Marco Santambrogio
production Sotterraneo
co-production Teatro Nacional Maria II (Lisbon)
contribution Centrale FIES
support Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana, Ministero dei beni artistici e culturali e del turismo, Funder 35, Sillumina – copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura
artistic residencies Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese, Tram – Attodue, Teatro Metastasio di Prato, Centrale Fies, Dialoghi – Residenze delle arti performative a Villa Manin/CSS Udine, La Corte Ospitale – progetto residenziale 2017, Teatro Cantiere Florida

Over the course of the Dialoghi residency at Villa Manin, Sotterraneo will produce Overload, a project in which theatre is challenged to reproduce the mechanisms of the infosphere. Stimulus overload, reduction of the attention threshold and continuous associations between distant things, in an almost toxic pursuit of new information.

In the attempt to create a live hypertext, Sotterraneo weaves a drama based on continuous mass distraction, where everything is interrupted to move on to something else, reproducing the sense of confusion that nowadays characterizes the reality of western daily life. Overload brings into theatre the logics of augmented reality, presenting itself as a bulimic and schizophrenic form of entrainment, with the aim of investigating the meaning of the accelerations produced by new technologies.

Sotterraneo was founded in Florence in 2005 as a research group. It consists of a permanent group of authors, assisted by a cluster of collaborators that change with each project. With transversal works and a composite investigation of forms and contents, Sotterraneo moves across formats, from open stage theatre, to site specific work and performance, concentrating on the contradictions and the shaded areas of our time. They take an avant-pop approach, attempting to narrate the present by balancing collective imagery and the most anti-conventional thinking.

CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG
T. +39 0432 504765
ERPaC Ente Regionale per il Patrimonio Culturale del FVG
T. +39 0432 821211