Residency 23 - Valentino Mannias


Residency 23
Villa Manin, Spazio Residenze
9 - 23 September 2019

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esidency open to the public

Monday 23 September 2019, h 8:00 pm
Villa Manin di Passariano, Spazio Residenze

free entry, booking: t.+39 0432 504765, residenzevillamanin@cssudine.it

Residency Team
Valentino Mannias, director
Marco Spiga, Maria Grazia Sughi, Edoardo Sorgente, Marina Occhionero, Valentino Mannias, actors
Luca Spanu, composer
Emilia Agnesa, translator
Tiziano Fario, scenography
Maurizio Schmidt, tutor

“Oresteia is at the heart of this event, a piece of classic theatre that tells of the birth of democracy in the West and the relationship that men and women have with the afterlife. These pieces were probably staged from dawn to dusk, and it is not clear if the public simply watched or took part in the dancing and singing around the altar like gospel choirs do today in the churches of East Harlem.

In the time available to us, it will be interesting to question our relationship with justice and with death.  Each actor will enjoy the chance of translating a scene from the Greek with the help of a translator, sometimes rewriting it, to then publicly perform those words that seem current  and relevant.
We will bring thoughts into the open, looking for a form that is capable of describing our encounter with a classic and communicating its meaning ”.
Valentino Mannias

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