Residency 3 - Francesco Collavino


Residency 3
Villa Manin, Spazio Residenze
3 - 23 October 2018

Residency open to the public

Tuesday 23 October 2018, 8 pm
Villa Manin di Passariano, Spazio Residenze 
free entry, booking advised t.+39 0432 504765, residenzevillamanin@cssudine.it

Residency Team
choreographer Francesco Collavino, basketball players Matteo Cella and Enrico Sant, musician Giulia Tosi
tutor Fabrizia Maggi, co-artistic director CSS

The transition between athletic action and poetic gesture is at the heart of JEI - in the Friulian language gei, meaning basket. JEI has been developed by visual artist, performer and choreographer Francesco Collavino, with the idea of involving five basketball players in the process of creation. He wants to engage with the reality of these non-dancers, to discover their strength even in their embarrassment of becoming the bearers of symbolic content. Unlike dance, the movements in the techniques of basketball are based on functionality. Nothing that happens is superfluous, everything has a precise and clear purpose. But what would happen if this function was removed? The aim of JEI is to transform athleticism into an intimate and personal world that finds a way to live every second intensely through competition and complicity.

Francesco Collavino is a visual artist, performer and choreographer. Born in Udine, he achieved the Diplôme d'Etudes Chorégraphiques in Contemporary Dance at the Paris Conservatory and was unanimously awarded the Prix, completing his Cycle d'Orientament Professional under the guidance of Ruxandra Racovitza. In 2012 he founded Ba.Bau.Corp.

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