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Udine | Corte Palazzo Morpurgo
June 23, 2024 ore  18:00

Il soffio di Sofia

script and performance Desy Gialuz, live music performed by Michele Budai

script and performance Desy Gialuz
set & lighting design
scenery Elisa Iacuzzo
live music performed by Michele Budai
CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG

Techniques used: acting, object theatre and music
length: 45 minutes

A place, a village where the wind blows and the vanes of the windmills turn, animating the dreams of the people living there. What would happen if one morning all the windmills stopped?
That is what happens here, when perfect machines arrive to make everything the same. The windmills stand still… but the wind doesn’t, it lingers, waiting for something to happen. What happens is that Sofia, the little seamstress, refuses to give in to the machines and carries on dreaming. A voyage begins. In the silence of the night Sofia meets a friend, the Lonely Giant, which reminds her of the importance of small things and desires to bring life back to people’s hearts. The wind, the silent protagonist, waits for the two to move in the direction of their dreams, taking them to where they can come true.
Sofia and her life-long friends (the tape measure, the fabrics, the pins and threads) continue to dwell in her small world and make her the bearer of new hope. They dwell in her colourful world, and come to life through the sounds, melodies, noises and voices of a scenography that is woven vertically, continuously threading together the different stories.

A fairy-tale filled with lightness, like the wind which animates it, helping us to understand that the simplicity of a desire can be so important, even when everything seems to have come to a standstill.
A fairy-tale filled with lightness that reminds us of the importance of protecting our dreams and holding on to the courage to make them come true.



10 April - 24 May 2017
Contatto TIG per le nuove generazioni 2016-2017
nursery schools/kindergarten in Udine and Southern Friuli

25 July 2017, 9 am
festival Insegui la tua storia
Moraro (GO), botanic garden
17 October 2017, 10 am
festival Trallallero
Artegna (UD), Sala Consiliare
26 November 2017, 4 pm
Zugliano (UD), Centro di Accoglienza Balducci
23 August 2019, 8 pm
Rome, Castel Sant’Angelo, Museo Nazionale, Cortile Alessandro VI
20 November - 11 December 2023
ContattoTIG per le nuove generazioni 23-24
nursery schools/kindergarten in Udine and Southern Friuli
23 June 2024, 6 pm
Festil + Teatro Contatto Estate
Udine, Corte di Palazzo Morpurgo