Scuola Popolare di Teatro - Udine

Since 2003, the Scuola Popolare di Teatro - Udine opens its doors to the public. This open access contemporary theatre school, run by CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG as part of its commitment to a programme of community initiatives, provides free, non-academic workshops with flexible attendance. The workshops, conducted by Michela Lucenti and Alessandro Berti, offer a truly alternative approach to theatrical training, combining movement, word, song and music to reflect on some of the extreme contrasts with which our lives are bombarded today.From March to May, the Teatrino di Sant’Osvaldo, a space made available by the Udine Department of mental Health in what was once Udine’s psychiatric hospital, becomes home to the Scuola Popolare and its innovative workshops which offer training radically different from the traditional ‘school’ approach or other “pre-packed”, “one size fits all” methodological approaches. Anyone with the curiosity and will to participate can accept the challenge. Attendance is flexible so  participants can decide for themselves how much time and energy they have to take part in the workshops, all of which are open to people of all ages. No minimum level of physical fitness, education or drama knowledge is required.
The  Scuola Popolare di Teatro - Udine is founded on the rich and solid theatrical experience of Michela Lucenti and Alessandro Berti and brings together artists who are dedicated and socially committed to providing, both in theory and in practice, training which combines technical discipline with poetry, creativity and inspiration. Michela and Alessandro have travelled throughout Italy, from Lecce to Bologna,  from Turin to Milan, and together with their course companions along the way, have created some memorable training experiences, involving young people, social and theatrical institutions.