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Antonio Latella, one of Italy's most innovative actors and directors, has directed for the 2006 edition of Project Thierry Salmon an intense review of Shakespeare's Pericles. He worked with an extraordinary company of young european actors and now they are going to debut at La Biennale di Venezia - 39th International Theatre Festival.

adapted from William Shakespeare by Antonio Latella
directed by
Antonio Latella
Alexandre Aflalo, Estelle Franco, Dominique Pattuelli (Belgium), Jean-François Bourinet, Daniela Labbé Cabrera (France), Valentina Gristina, Emiliano Masala, Daniele Pilli (Italy), Paula Diogo, Luís Godinho, Martim Pedroso (Portugal), Julián Fuentes Reta (Spain)
set & lighting design
lighting design Giorgio Cervesi Ripa
sound Franco Visioli
additional details
assistants Stefano Laguni (project), Nicole Kehrberger (acrobatics), Anne-Sophie Durand (chants)
photos by Anna Bertozzi
a creation by Thierry Salmon Project - the new Ecole des Maîtres 2006_2007, directed by Franco Quadri
produced by CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG (Italy), La Comédie de Reims (France), Ministério da Cultura - Instituto das Artes (Portugal)
co-produced by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria (Italy)
with the support of ETI - Ente Teatrale Italiano (Italy)
in collaboration with Arcus (Italy), Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (France), CREPA - Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation en Pédagogie Artistique (CFWB/Belgium), Commissariat général aux Relations internationales (CFWB/Belgium), Centro Cultural de Belém (Portugal), Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and with the Municipality of Fagagna (Italy)

Ubu Prize 2007: Best Actor (under 30) ex aequo: Emiliano Masala

Pericles is a man, a hero, who rarely stands on dry land but instead chooses the sea as the origin of his wandering in search of truth, or simply a home where to stop and possibly finally tell the story to others and to himself, that self that has stopped being a reflection at the bottom of the sea. Instead of teaching the passengers on this ship, I hope that they will keep it afloat in order to allow me to learn as much as possible and perhaps with every port, every unexpected event or storm, we will succeed in burying one of the many masquerades of our day-to-day lives, and in finding the right motivation, that need that led us to set sail for the first time and travel between the red curtains, the ports of the world.
Antonio Latella

Why is almost every robust healthy boy with a robust healthy soul in him, at some time or other crazy to go to sea? Why upon your first voyage as a passenger, did you yourself feel such a mystical vibration, when first told that you and your ship were now out of sight of land? Why did the old Persians hold the sea holy? Why did the Greeks give it a separate deity, and own brother of Jove? Surely all this is not without meaning. And still deeper the meaning of that story of Narcissus, who because he could not grasp the tormenting, mild image he saw in the fountain, plunged into it and was drowned. But that same image, we ourselves see in all rivers and oceans. It is the image of the ungraspable phantom of life; and this is the key to it all.
Herman Melville



29 July 2007
, h 17
La Biennale di Venezia - 39. Festival Internazionale del Teatro
Venice, Teatro alle Tese - Arsenale

30 July 2007
, h 21.30
Festival Il Grande Fiume
Monticelli d'Ongina (PC), Isola Serafini
1-2 August 2007, h 21
Lisbon, Centro Cultural de Belém
26-27-28 September 2007
Rome, Teatro Quirino
29-30 September 2007
Terni, Festival ES.terni
2 and 4 October 2007
Teatro Contatto 07/08
Udine, Teatro Palamostre
20 November 2007, h 20.30
21 November 2007, h 19.30
La Comédie de Reims
Reims, Le Hangar