I misteri della luce 1.0


uno spettacolo ideato per ESOF 2020 condotto dal prof. Daniele Buongiorno
con il sostegno di
Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
Partner di progetto:
Università degli studi di Udine
Fondazione Friuli
GIREP – International Research Group on Physics Teaching
Virtew – Virtual Reality Productions
supervisione e sviluppo applicazione Alessandro Passoni
con la consulenza scientifica di prof.ssa Marisa Michelini–didattica della Fisica presso l’Università degli Studi di Udine, prof. Lorenzo Santi, prof. Alberto Stefanel
con la consulenza artistica di Fabrizio Arcuri
voce off Rita Maffei
CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG / Virtew


Since humanity first opened its eyes, people have has tirelessly tried to understand the nature of light, to grasp its substance and the way it works.
Philosophers and scientists have long pursued this challenging topic, considering it from different points of view: the nature of light, the formation of images, the mechanisms of vision and optical paths. These phenomena have been interpreted through the increasingly detailed observations which have been made possible thanks to the use of evermore refined and powerful tools for scientific research.
At the same time, artists have also paid great attention to light, trying to grasp and fully possess this key to representation.
Speculation, science and art: different approaches and perspectives around the single phenomenon of light.

The mysteries of light 1.0 will take the audience on a journey to discover the fundamental principles at the heart of our most up to date understanding of the nature of light, based on the theories of quantum mechanics.
A remarkable "live and virtual reality" experience will make it possible to observe optical phenomena and carry out scientific experiments, and an artistic approach also reveals that the knowledge of the nature of light brings with it an understanding of our relationship with that which surrounds us... in space and time.



anteprima per ESOF 2020
27 agosto 2020 ore 21
Trieste, Teatrino Franco e Franca Basaglia

31 agosto 2020, ore 18:30

1 settembre 2020, ore 18:30 e 21
2 settembre 2020, ore 21
3 settembre 2020, ore 18:30 e 21
Udine, ex Chiesa di S. Francesco