Virtual Reality Theatre

The Labyrinth of Orpheus in VR
The Mysteries of Light 1.0


Become Orpheus for twenty minutes.
Be like him and feel like him, no longer just a spectator.
The labyrinth of Orpheus was a play that changed the history of Contatto 25 years ago. Many people will still remember it: an extraordinary experience of sensory theatre, sensual and terrible, liberating and powerful.
This year, the labyrinth of Orpheus has now become a VR experience, thanks to the use of virtual reality technology. Each audience member will wear a VR headset and will be able to immerse themselves in the fantastic visions developed by the VR artists from Virtew's creative team, telling the story of Orpheus’ journey to find Eurydice in Hades.

The Mysteries of Light 1.0 is a project of Virtual Reality (VR) scientific theatre which will be premiered at Esof 2020 - Trieste European capital of science. The project was created in collaboration with the University of Udine (Physics Teaching Department) as part of an experiment in the use of VR in teaching and at university. The development of the VR prototype content was by the artists at Virtew VR as part of the on-going collaborating with CSS for the development of VR storytelling. The experience will be offered to audiences of all kinds and for schools, where it is specifically aimed at high school students.
The extraordinary potential of VR has convinced us that this technology offers a powerful tool to facilitate engagement with specific curriculum areas. As an initial challenge, we decided to tackle one of the most complex areas taught in the field of physics: the Nature of Light.