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Kafka and the travelling doll

direction Fabrizio Pallara
a play for adults and children over 7 years old

based on the novel “Kafka y la muñeca viajera” by Jordi Sierra i Fabra
adaptation and dramaturgy Valerio Malorni and Fabrizio Pallara
directed by
Fabrizio Pallara
Desy Gialuz and Valerio Malorni
set & lighting design
scenery and costumes Fabrizio Pallara and Luigina Tusini
additional details
video images Massimo Racozzi
design and construction of the doll Ilaria Comisso
CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG with teatrodelleapparizioni

An afternoon, a park, Berlin. 1923. Franz Kafka, a shy writer who has not yet been touched by fame, meets a girl who is distraught because she has lost her doll.
This unexpected encounter became the starting point for the great writer's last work, an inspiration.
Twenty-one days and many letters to imagine another truth: the doll had not been lost, it had set off on a long journey around the world. This is how Kafka invented "the doll postman".

There is no trace of the girl, nor the letters, but with his novel "Kafka y la muñeca viajera" the Catalan author Jordi Sierra i Fabra has tried to reconstruct what might have happened, filling in the holes of that strange and mysterious affair, and treating readers to a tiny, precious and intense book. It is a story for adults that speaks of nostalgia, anxieties, and life running away. But it is also a story for children that talks of amazement, of eyes open to the world, and rich and tumultuous life flooding in. It is a story of separations and abandonment, of how we learn to live within change, and how much we can receive from encounters, even the most unexpected ones.

With a minimalist set and the use of video projections to animate and describe the places, the fantasies and the extraordinary journey of the doll, a deep dialogue develops between the two protagonists, bringing meaning and order to reality, and turning the drama of loss into an opportunity for growth.
A meeting of humanity, of different conditions, and of times of life, but all part of an experience that belongs to everyone: growing, changing and letting go.

Running time: 60 minutes



6, 7, 8, 9 November 2019
ContattoTIG 19-20
Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio
10 November 2019, h 17
ContattoTIG in famiglia 19-20
Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio
12 November 2019
ContattoTIG 19-20
S. Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) Auditoium San Zorz
13 November 2019
ContattoTIG 19-20
Cervignano (UD) Teatro Pasolini
23 and 24 November 2019 h 12, 16 e 19
Romaeuropa Festival Kids
Rome, Mattatoio - Teatro 1
24 November 2019 h 14
Romaeuropa Festival Kids
Rome, Mattatoio - Teatro 1
Jordi Sierra i Fabra incontra la compagnia teatrodelleapparizioni
Coordinated by Chiara Cordelli
26 and 28 January 2020
Riccione (RI), Teatro Tondelli
4 February 2020
Padua, Teatro Don Bosco
5 February 2020
Mira, Villa dei Leoni
6 February 2020
Vicenza, Teatro Astra
18 February 2020
Codroipo, Teatro Benois De Cecco
12 October 2020, h 21
Festival Incanti
Torino, Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani, Sala Grande
24 July 2021 h 11.30
Festival Contemporaneo Futuro
Rome, Teatro India (Sala A)
30 October 2021, h 19
Teatro Contatto 39
Udine, Teatro S. Giorgio
31 October 2021, h 16.30
Mestre, Teatro Momo
3-7 November 2021
Rome, Teatro India
4 January 2022, h 20.30
Kids, Festival del teatro e delle arti
Lecce, Teatro Paisiello
19-22 January 2022
Prato, Teatro Metastasio
23 January 2022, h 16.30
Florence, Teatro Cantiere Florida
27 February 2022, h 18.30
Ruvo di Puglia, Teatro Comunale
19 March 2022, h 16
Rosignano Marittimo, Teatro Nardini
24, 26-27 April 2022
Bologna, Teatro Testoni La Baracca
7 November 2022
Piove di Sacco (PD), Teatro Filarmonico
13 November 2022, h 16.30
San Marino, Teatro Concordia
18 March 2023, h19
Genoa, Teatro Gustavao Modena
5 January 2024, h 20.30
6 January 2024, h 17
Kids Festival
Lecce, Teatro Paisiello
18 February 2024, h 18
Manfredonia, Teatro Comunale Lucio Dalla
12 June 2024, h 21
Poggibonsi (SI), Teatro Politeama