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Francesco Collavino

by and with Francesco Collavino
additional details
interaction designer Andrea Effe Rao
dj Giulia Tosi
produced by Ba.Bau.Corp.
a co-production with CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia

with the support of WORKSPACE RICERCA X, KOMM TANZ residence project Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, DIALOGHI - Performing arts residency at Villa Manin, project by CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG, MOVIN’UP SPETTACOLO – Performing Arts 2017, Le Carreau du Temple - Paris

“what do we need to give up to open ourselves to a different language?” 

Catastrofe is the first research project developed through a series of artistic residencies in Italy and France by Francesco Collavino, an Italian visual artist, performer and choreographer.
This project emphasizes the concept of CATASTROPHE as an error or deviation in the translation process.
In the transliteration of information from one medium to another, however well-planned it may be, deviations may emerge. They are not intended and their presence is not due to anything specific: they are the evidence of a process that has gone off track.
This event is called a glitch.
A glitch is an error, a loss, the ripple of a process in progress.
It is the point of contact in which the flow of information is gathered, it is the genesis of a new life, it is a catastrophe.

"The notion of catastrophe is extremely relevant in a historical, political and cultural moment such as this. This is why I think that reflecting on the close relationship between the concept of loss and the concept of creation can give rise to a reinterpretation of the tragic aspects of change, and offer something useful for the process of regeneration and for artistic-cultural creation.
I am attempting to undertake an act of transfiguration and to break a fixed memory in order to create a continuous catastrophe, where we must look into the loss of definition in order to find the object that gives origin to the movement ".
Francesco Collavino

The declination of Catastrofe

In addition to the presentation of a contemporary dance performance, Catastrofe is also elaborated through a series of installations that are created in the place where it is performed, to keep the process of research and dialogue with the host location alive. This formula may also end with a DJ set by the artist Giulia Tosi, because Catastrophe is first and foremost an event!

// Formula 1 : performance Catastrofe
// Formula 2 : performance + DJ set
// Formula 3 : performance Catastrofe + installations
// Formula 4 : performance Catastrofe + installations + DJ set
// Formula 5 : Installations + DJ set
Formulas 3, 4, 5:  require a minimum of 3 days of residency before the performance to enable the production and set up of installations.

Catastrophe can offer the possibility to open the creative process to users and specialists in the local area through a process of cultural mediation based on workshops.



1-2 October 2018, h 19.30
Fragment(s) #6
Saint-Ouen (F), Mains d’Œuvres
15 December 2018, h 19.00, h 20.00
Teatro Contatto 37
Udine, Teatro Palamostre, Sala Carmelo Bene
21 August 2021, h 13
Montagna che spettacolo!
Sella Nevea (UD), Rifugio Gilberti Soravito