Udine | Teatro Palamostre, Sala Pier Paolo Pasolini
December 3, 2021 ore  21:00

Intero 20,00 €
Ridotto 17,00 €
Studenti 10,00 €
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Unconsolable Darwin
(A piece for troubled souls)

Lucia Calamaro

written and directed by Lucia Calamaro
Riccardo Goretti, Gioia Salvatori, Simona Senzacqua, Maria Grazia Sughi
set & lighting design
lighting design Loïc François Hamelin
additional details
assistant director Paola Atzeni
co-production Sardegna Teatro, CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG con Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi

An elderly woman, a performative artist, who names herself Ex Fluxus, pretends to be dead to gain her three busy, inattentive, distant, aggressive, and absent kids’ attention. She fakes her death like some animals do: Maria Grazia practices “thanatosis”, a common practice among certain species that “play dead” in order to escape predators attacks. Her could be a warning, a signal, a monition, a metaphore, or simply a performance…
A midwife daughter, crushed by her concern for the new generations, a clumsy environmentalist: Simona. A son who is a teacher in primary school, a very good man, who has got future in his hands and comes across a smoky unpublished version of The Origin of Species quoted by Borges in an interview with Bioy Casares: Riccardo. A daughter in symbiosis with her mother, plastic
performer-artist, who investigates Amazonian perspectivism and the theories of the interspecies, feeling closer to the vegetal world than to the animal: Gioia.




2 July 2021, h 18
3 and 4 July 2021, h 15
Festival dei Due Mondi
Spoleto, Teatro Caio Melisso, Spazio Carla Fendi

18 September 2021, h 21
19 September 2021, h 19
Cagliari, Teatro Massimo
3 December 2021, h 21
Teatro Contatto 39
Udine, Teatro Palamostre